How to Renew a Contractor License


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Is it time to renew your Florida contractor license? Unsure of what to do? You’ve come to the right place. This post will simplify the steps and information you need to successfully renew your contractor license to keep your business going.


There are two parts of renewing a Florida contractor license: paying the renewal fee, and completing continuing education (CEU) courses. But before we talk about these parts, let’s talk about where to go to renew your license and how to do it.


Being a licensed contractor, you are most likely registered online with Florida’s Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR).  Click here for DBPR’s website. As a returning user, you can enter your login information. The DBPR’s online services allow you to: link you license with your profile, attach any necessary documents, check your application status, renew licenses, make payments, update an address, view CEU history, maintain license relationship, and work on incomplete submissions.

If you are not registered with the DBPR online or you need a new account, click here for a tutorial on how to create your account and how to link your license to the online account.


Once you’re logged in, here are the steps to renew:

  1. Click on the license that you like to renew from those listed on the right.
  2. Select “Renew” from the options shown.
  3. A disclaimer screen explaining CEU information will pop up. Read it, then select “Next.”
  4. A screen with your name, birthday and SSN will pop up. Select “Next.”
  5. A screen with your main address will pop up. If you need to change the address, click the “Main Address” button, and you can update it. If you’d like to add an additional address (license location, license mailing) or add a new phone number, click “Add.” Otherwise, click “Next.”
  6. A summary page will pop up to conform any changes. It will provide the information about to be saved into the system. Read this page. If it looks good, select “Next.” Otherwise, select “Previous” to go back and make any changes.
  7. Complete the Attest Statement by selecting “Yes,” followed by “Submit.”
  8. A payment screen will pop up showing the price of your renewal. Click “Pay Now” to complete the transaction or click “Submit Additional Applications” if you have more than one license that needs to be renewed.
    1. You can pay by credit card or electronic check. Once you have entered the proper information, select “Next.” Your card will be process and a confirmation number will be provided for you to save for your own records.

Parts of the License Renewal


Paying Renewal Fees – In 2016, the current two-year license renewal fee is $209 for both certified and registered contractors. A $5 unlicensed activity fee and $4 fee, that will go to the Department of Community Affairs to fund projects related to building construction or continuing education in the building construction industry in Florida, are added to this amount


CEU Requirement – Florida requires contractors to complete 14 hours of board-approved CEU hours for each two-year renewal cycle. A contractor must complete at least one hour about workplace safety, one hour on worker’s compensation, one hour on business practices, one hour on Florida laws and rules, two hours of false alarm prevention (for alarm contractors and electrical contractors who perform alarm work), and one hour on Florida Building Code advanced modules.  Seven course hours will come from the specific type of technical contracting work you do (electrical, construction, home inspector, mold). Any remaining hours are considered general credit.


There are many places where you can take CEU course. You can choose to take courses online or straight in the classroom. You can decide which course provider and their options best suit your needs based on your schedule, location, and learning preferences. Here are a few places that offer CEU courses for contractor licenses:


Gold Coast Schools:
Red Vector:

Need More Assistance with Your Florida Contractor License?


The above steps and information should be able to help you easily get through the contractor license renewal process. If you’re having any difficulty, our experts here can help you with the process. If you’re looking to apply for a license for the first time, we can help you get a better chance of approval. To schedule a free consultation or for help, contact us at 239-777-1028.