Want to Update your Contractor’s License?

Wishing you could get better contracting jobs? You can! Did you know you can upgrade some contractor’s licenses out there? After a period of time, certain certified licenses are eligible to be upgraded. Licenses that are able to upgrade include: HVAC – Class C, HVAC –Class B, Residential, Building, Swimming Pool Servicing, Residential Pool Contractor.

If you’re a contracting with one of the above licenses, you may be eligible to upgrade your license. When you upgrade your license, you will have access to more jobs, better jobs, and higher-pay. With a higher-level license, you are beginning to work your way up the contracting world ladder. You will never have to miss out on another work opportunity again due to lack of proper license.

However, there are some stipulations that occur for eligibility; these include:

  • Trade tests for the higher level license must have been passed within four years of submission.
  • Business and Finance Exam needs to be taken for the original licensure process.
  • License has to be in active status for a certain amount of time.

The market has improved, so you should think about upgrading your license.

At our company, we are a team of professionals that help people get their contractor’s licenses, as well as renew and upgrade their licenses. We don’t just fill out forms for people, but rather we analyze each and every individual situation and use a person’s information strategically to build an application that will be easily approved. We give unlimited time to our clients by answering any and all questions. With us, clients have no forms to fill out. Ninety-five percent of our clients work with us through email or fax.

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The Risk of Unlicensed Activity

As a contractor licensing company, we believe in sharing information and resources with the contracting community so people are as informed and knowledgeable as possible on the latest news.  For this post, we want to discuss the topic of unlicensed activity. Unlicensed contractor activity is illegal; in fact, it’s a criminal offense. For this topic, the information we will share comes directly from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).

If you want to be a contractor, it is in your best interest to get a contractor’s license. If you don’t, not only will you be eligible for fewer jobs, but you run the risk of getting caught in the act, and being charged with a misdemeanor or felony. Besides having an offense against you, you can also be subject to court-ordered monetary restitution. As a homeowner, they don’t even have to end up paying an unlicensed contractor even if the work was well done. Now, not all contracting work requires a license, and there are exemptions. In order to fall under an exemption, you have to make sure you are working legally and properly (licensed required or not) so you will not get in trouble with the homeowner, state, or DBPR.

Currently, the DBPR has a hotline and a mobile app that allows people to report unlicensed activity on the go. This makes it very easy for people to report unlicensed work and workers. The DBPR also has a Division of Regulation hosts events to spread awareness to perform stings and sweeps in the communities to stop and educate on unlicensed activity.  In the past year, the organization has conducted more than 921 unlicensed activity outreach events, 49 stings, and 828 sweeps.

Don’t risk your future or career by practicing unlicensed activity illegally. If you’re looking to get a contractor’s license, we can make it easy for you. We are a group of trained professionals that will help you get your Florida contractor’s license fast. To start the process, click here or call us at 239-777-1028.

Hurricane Preparedness with Contracting

With Hurricane Matthew behind us, we can now all reflect on our hurricane preparedness. In Florida, we’re at the end of hurricane season, but it’s always good to know how to properly prepare. We wanted to share some information that the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) released in September to remind Floridians, residents and businesses, to create a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan. When a hurricane, or any type of natural disaster is on the way or does occur, it’s important to access the needs of one’s family, love ones, business. You want to prevent as many problems, wreckage, and disasters as possible.

In Florida, the DBPR has shared the following DBPR and state resources for people to use to assist them in the event a natural disaster occurs. The list includes:


  • com – One this site, people are able to create a specialized disaster plan for their family and/or business.
  • org – Here, businesses can register to access information and updates, and report damage that a storm is causing.
  • org/publicmapping – On this site, people can find which evacuation zone they are in.
  • org – The Florida Division of Emergency Management’s webpages gives access to tips, storm updates, and other resources.
  • com – Florida Gov. Rick Scott releases his updates on any storm on this site.
  • 2016 Natural Disaster Guide – This guide shares steps to protect consumers from becoming victims of unlicensed activity after a natural disaster.
  • Unlicensed Activity Resources – This link includes unlicensed activity FAQs, tips for hiring licensed professionals, printable materials, and more.
  • com – If a contractor’s licenses needs to be verified with the DBPR, a person can visit this site, call 850-487-1395, or download the DBPR mobile app.
  • If a person sees any suspected unlicensed activity in Florida, he or she can contact the DBPR and report the incident. To report, email the DBPR at ULA@myfloridalicense.com, call the Unlicensed Activity Hotline at 1-866-532-1440, or using the DBPR mobile app.

Bookmark these links; they will come in handy before, during, and after the next major storm hits.

If you want to help rebuild after a storm, you’ll need to acquire a contractor’s license in Florida. We are here to help; we can help get you licensed fast. To get started on your license today, call us at 239-777-1028 or click here.

FAQ About Contractor’s License

In our business, it’s our job to help people get their contractor’s license fast and easy. We do the work for you. We take pride in our high quality, efficient survey. Getting a Florida contractor’s license can be a tough, complex process; many contractors end up getting denied when the application isn’t properly filled out or things are missing. Since the process can be complicated, we wanted to share some frequently asked questions that we get during the pre and post-license process.




For construction, it’s four years. For electrical, it’s two years.


A “certified contractor” is a state wide contractor licensed at the state level.  A “registered contractor” is a contractor who has a county license (or multiple) who then had to register that license with the state because it was a major trade. Registered contractors can only work in the county in which they have a competency card.


When it comes to contractor’s licenses, experience is important and valid no matter where it occurred, as long as it was legal experience and the projects meet requirements.


It depends on the severity and number of incidences and how recent these incidences are. Click the link below to contact us and learn more.



In Florida, a certified contractor needs to complete 14 hours of board-approved continuing education every two years by August 31 of an even-numbered year. For registered contractors, they need to renew in odd-numbered years.

If you’re looking to get your Florida contractor’s license, renew your license, or upgrade your license, we can help! Contact us at 239-777-1028 or click here for more information.