Appyling for a Joint Venture

Are you looking to apply to qualify for a joint venture? We’ve gathered up some information that can help you with this. We will share information from the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board, who is responsible for all licensing and regulating within the construction industry. This Board regulates both construction contractors and their businesses. On the Board’s website, they share some frequently asked questions with answers on all topics in the contractor community. For this article, we will pull out and share the portion about applying to qualify to a joint venture.

Q: Can you qualify a joint venture with your existing license?

A: No, you would have to apply to qualify the joint venture just like you would any other business.

Q: Can your company form a joint venture with an unlicensed company?

A: Yes. You would have to apply to qualify the joint venture just like you would any other business.

Q: Can the joint venture bid a project prior to you becoming approved as a qualifying agent?

A: Yes, but the joint venture must obtain approval of the Construction Industry Licensing Board’s Executive Director prior to submitting the bid on a construction project. The joint venture must provide the Executive Director a copy of the written joint venture agreement and a statement of authority signed by an officer of each company giving the proposed qualifying agent full authority to conduct the contracting business of the joint venture.

For the full list of the questions and answers, you can visit the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board’s official website.

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What is the NASCLA Exam?

If you’re a contractor, and want to be licensed in multiple states, we want to give you some on information on how to go about doing this. The NASCLA accredited examination (The National Association of State Contractor Licensing Agencies) hold the Commercial General Building Contractor exam in September 2009. The purpose of this exam is so a contractor does not have to take a trade exam every time he or she applies for a new license through a different state agency. This exam is considered very beneficial to contractors who want to be licensed across several states, because the regular trades exams can be redundant.

For the states that hold the NASCLA exam, it comes in two ways: administered or accepted. For those states that administer this exam, they will use it as their trade exam. Georgia is one of the starts, so if you want to apply for a contractor’s license in Georgia and take the trade exam, you thus have taken the NASCLA Commercial General Building Contractor exam. Because you have taken the NASCLA exam, you are now able to apply for another license in another state that accepts this exam. The state would then have the trade exam waived for you.

With states that accept this NASCLA exam, this means a person has taken the exam either through a proctored session or through a state that administers the NASCLA exam. Remember, the NASCLA exam only waives the trade portion of an exam, you’ll still be required to take the state’s business and law exam.

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Pool Contractor Work Defined

If you’re a pool contractor or deal with pools on the job, we wanted to share some important information with you from the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA). On October 28, 2016, there was a joint meeting of the Electrical Contractors’ Licensing Board and Construction Industry Licensing Board. In this meeting, the topic of discussion was a proposal by the FSPA to define installation and repairs or pool and spa equipment as it pertains to electrical work.

Prior to the meeting, the FSPA addressed their position on what electrical work can be done by each type of pool contractors; there are three types of pool contractor licenses. After doing their research, the FSPA said it found it normal for pool contractors to address the electrical termination to all pool appliances. However, the FSPA did not want to and could not make an official position. Before the meeting, the FSPA was asking the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board for help in clarifying this issue.

The pool licenses included that were mentioned about include: These pool appliances include: Pool motors/pumps. Time clocks, Control boxes (air switches, controllers), Heat pumps/low voltage gas heaters/solar systems, Transformers, LED lighting/laminar jets, Bonding grid, Pool lights with bond and ground, Chlorinating systems/ozone systems/sanitizing systems, Automated backwash valves, Ladder and handrail bond.

The FSPA did acknowledge that they do not have authority to make a real official position on this topic, so they assisted the Board and did research on the topic to help instead. From their research, they requested that a new definition be added under 61G4-12.011, F.A.C.. This would define the installation or repair of pool/spa equipment with electrical work as: “the term “installation or repair” of pool/spa equipment is defined as inclusive of installation and connection of electrical equipment on the load side of the disconnect for that equipment. This suggested change has the support of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals and the United Pool & Spa Association.

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Veteran Contractor License Information

On July 1 2016, new provisions went into effect when it comes to a contractor’s license for United States military veterans. When applying for a contractor’s license a veterans’ military service can be used toward the licensure experience requirements. To receive credit for relevant military training and education, the following three points must be met to receive credit.

  1. Up to three years of active duty service in the military can be applied to the contractor license requirements; the type of duty or training does not matter.
  2. At least one additional year of active experience as a foreman in the trade, either civilian or military, is required to fulfill the experience requirement of Chapter 489.111(2)(c) of the regulations.
  3. Credit toward the requirements for licensure for military experience, training, and education received and completed during service in the U.S. Armed Forces, if it all is related to what is required for the licensure.

Looking forward, on October 1, 2017, the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation together with the Construction Industry Licensing Board will prepare and submit the report “Construction and Electrical Contracting Veteran Applicant Statistics;” this will be given to the Governor of Florida, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Inside the report, they will find the number of applicants who identify as a veteran; the number of approved veterans for a contractor’s license; the number of denied veterans and why they were, information regarding how long it took to processing these applications for the veterans; and lastly, recommendation on how the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation can better meet the needs of veterans applying to a contractor’s license.

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