Mobile Apps for Contractors Part 3

Contractors use mobile apps these days more than you think. Mobile apps are great for contractors and their companies because people are able to communicate offline and in the field. From time tracking to project sharing, these mobile apps are making contractors communicate with their team and clients easier.

We wanted to share with you some of the newest and best mobile apps out there that you’ll want to download. There’s an app for almost every aspect of the business these days!

Photo Measures – This app allows contractors to take photos and write dimensions directly onto the photo; people can export these photos or save them to a library.

TRUCKAST – This app allows contractors to set up ready-mix concreate order from a mobile device; it allows you o track delivery times, as well as real-time info about a pour job.

PENTA Mobile Field Inspections – This app is good for field inspectors so they don’t need to use paper.

Fall Safety – For those contractors who work at taller heights, this app provide fall detection and can detect falls. If the app thinks there is a fall, it will sound an alarm for 30 seconds then alert your emergency contacts through email, text, and voicemail.

Corecon Mobile – This lets contractors share punch lists, project dynamics, administration, and daily logs.

iHandy Carpenter – This app helps carpenters by acting as a tool for such things as measuring and leveling.

iSafe Inspections – This app helps construction teams save money while managing their safety programs; contractors can automate the type of inspection (safety audits, work orders, property assessments, asset management, service management, and custom forms.

PlanGrid – This app allows contractors and architects to collaborate on project plans, specs and photos.

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Mobile Apps for Contractors Part 2

Mobile apps make people’s lives easier, even in the workplace. Information is faster to retrieve and communication happens faster. Mobile apps aren’t just for games anymore. Employeers can use these apps to track time, share projects, research information and more. As a contractor, you can use many mobile apps out there whether you’re in the field or in an office. And, many of these apps work offline, so you’re able to record or access information even in a remote, offline area.

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular in the contracting community. Here is a few quick statistics: 48 percent of construction companies use mobile technology to get customer and job info, and 47 percent of construction companies use mobile apps for drawings, schedules, photos, and documents.

Below, we wanted to share with you some of the newest mobile apps out there for you to use in your daily life on the job.

BlueVue Plans – This app gives contractors quick and easy access to construction plans and revisions.

FTQ360 – This app helps contractors focus on tracking and improving quality, safety and subcontractor performance. There are more than 150 quality control checklists.

Estimate Rocket – This app helps contractors with estimating, invoicing, scheduling, project tracking and CRM; contractors can create and send digital estimates and invoices from the field.

Autodesk BIM 360 – This app helps an employer keep employees up-to-date with documents, plans, and models. This is a document management software.

Safety Meeting – This app covers 34 different trades and meets OSHA’s required meeting laws; it stores records electronically.

Fast Concrete Pad Calculator – This app calculates quantities of concrete and rebar required for a concrete-pad project. It also calculates cost, waste, and allows people to email estimates.

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Mobile Apps for Contractors

Mobile apps are here to stay. Whether for work or pleasure, people are using mobile apps for everything and anything in their daily lives. All industries these days have their own mobile apps to make life easier for workers. Technology can help people get their jobs done, including professionals in the contracting industry. Contractors are using mobile apps both in the field and in the office. 48 percent of construction companies use mobile technology to get customer and job info; 47 percent of construction companies use mobile apps for drawings, schedules, photos, and documents; 38 percent of construction companies use mobile apps for daily reports; 36 percent of construction companies use mobile apps for cost and project reports; and 30 percent of construction companies use mobile apps to keep time. (These statistics came from Sage Software).

Here are some great contractor apps you should check out:

Timesheet Mobile – This app is free and employees can track their time spent at job sites, with customers, along with writing notes and mileage down. This app also alerts workers to clock in and out.

SmartBidNet – This app allows a person to create and track the bid process and it also allows people to build custom prequalification forms to ID the qualifications and risk level for subcontractors before invited on a bid.

JobFLEX – This app can be used connected to the internet or offline. This app allows contractors to create estimate quick and easy. This app can create estimate for up to 50 customers in one account.

ClockShark – This app allows employeers to track the time and GPS location of employees; no more paperwork needed. – This app gives contractors access to documents, emails, and the ability to collaborate; this works off and online.


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Contractor Products Worth Checking Out Part 2

We live in a high-tech world; people need answers fast and are working more efficiently than ever due to new and improved technological advancements. We wanted to share with our contracting community some new and useful construction products that are currently on the market.

CYBERWATCH SAT – this is a satellite, wireless alarm and location meter, specifically designed for remote locations. In a remote location, a contractor can connect his or her phone to the device mounted on a piece of equipment. With this device, a person can send an email or text.

New Book – “A Guide to Building Natural Swimming Pools” by Schiffer Publishing covers management, excavation, lining, walling, plumbing, electrical. Planting, structure, maintenance and more.

ThermalTech – This company has released a solar-powered smart fabric. It is made from stainless steel yarn, is lightweight, and keeps the body warm even at night. This fabric is not bulky and more fashionable looking.

Starlock Multi-Tool System – This system gives a person a quick-change blades with a color code system so a person chooses the correct blade for the job at hand.

Paperlight – PaperLight is a projection display that is touch enabled; it connects to a computer so a person can view and share full-size drawings digitally.

Live streaming – TrueLook, which produces camera systems for construction project monitoring and time-lapsing, now offer a live-streaming option. Employers and managers can watch a live stream of any job site through a web app.

MyServiceWhale – This is a widget that business owners and contractors can install on their websites to give potential clients accurate quotes.

Liquid Nanotint – This product can reduce radiant and conductive heat from windows, making them more energy efficient. You can paint this product on.

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Contractor Products Worth Checking Out

If you’re a construction contractor, you want to be on top of the latest construction products on the market. New products can help you do work faster, more efficiently, and have clients know you’re on top of the latest and greatest thing in the field. New products show that you’re a forward thinker. Below, we wanted to share some new construction products out there that you may be interested in purchasing for your contracting business.

Cat and NoteVault – Cat and Notevault came together to increase productivity by combining smartphones and technology. All purchases of Cat smartphones will come with 4 months of a Notevault account for free.

Airhome – Airhome is an in-room audio feature for a client’s home or commercial building. Airhome is a multi-room, built-in home audio system that operates on Wi-Fi. This can work with in-wall or in-ceiling speaker so the home will not have a cluttered effect with boxy speakers laying around or wires everywhere.

Houdini glass – Bendheim Wall Systems is offering this specialty architectural glass; it allows both privacy and daylight. It is translucent, u-shaped, and machine rolled.

Surface armor – Urban Armor has created a case that protects devices while being slim, form-fitting and hard and protective all at the same time.

Concept – Concept by US is a Powerstation, This is a new turnkey, solar energy storage system that gives steady, reliable energy to off-grid people in daylight and nighttime.

Scala – Scala Architectural and Engineering Scale is a new app that gives a new way to measure printed drawings anywhere. It includes standard imperial architectural, metric architectural and engineering scales.

Qvarn – Qvarn offers open source identity management software that helps an organization manage a secure database of workers’ data; this system helps protect personal and private identification of the workers.

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Georgia’s annual registration season for 2017 is from January 1 to April 1 2017. If your annual registration and payment are not postmarked by April 1, you will be fined a $25 filing penalty fee.

This website allows you to file your annual registration without a username and password on the website The Express Annual Registration section allows you to make changes to your entity. The One Click Annual Registration section allows you to pay the annual registration quickly if there are no changes to the entity.

You can file your annual registration with or without making changes after logging into Annual registration fees are: $50 for profit corporations, LLCs, and LPs; $30 for nonprofit corporations; and $25 for foreign LLPs. If the amount listed for your entity is larger than expected, then the total reflects amounts due from previous years and any late fees.

To keep your entity in “good standing” with the Office of Secretary of State, you should file your annual registration online with a credit card.  You can also file by mail and require a printed annual registration form and payment with a check, certified bank check or money order. Feels can be mailed with your completed annual registration form to: Office of Secretary of State, Annual Registration Filings, 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., 313 West Tower, Atlanta, GA 30334.

A paper registration form can be printed from here All checks must be pre-printed with a complete address in order to be accepted. Cash is not accepted.

Any person authorized by the entity may sign and file an annual registration.

The Corporations Division of the Office of the Secretary of State created a how-to guide to help people through the annual registration process. The guide is here:

For more help, reach out to the Corporations Division of the Office of the Secretary of State  at, at 404-656-2817 or toll-free at 844-753-7825.

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Make Sure You’re Covered with Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Workplace accidents happen. This is why it is important for a contractor to have general liability and worker’s compensation insurance (that is updated and sufficient), especially when on a job site. Florida’s insurance coverage requirements are always in effect for active licenses, regardless if there is a current project going on or not.

When you get your Florida contractor’s license, the state gives licensees a 30-day period from when your license was issues to get worker’s compensation insurance or an exemption. Exemptions are used when a licensed contractor has no employees. However, when it comes to general liability insurance coverage, Florida contractor licensees must obtain the minimum coverage immediately. Whether you plan to work a job immediately or not, you still need to get coverage right away to avoid fines and penalities.

If you move places of employment or ceased the operation of a company, you need to take the proper steps to deactivate the license or move it to a new entity. As long as your license is in an active status, you are required to be properly insured, so make sure your status is inactive if you plan on not working.

Just a reminder: insurance is required to pull permits, so remember to keep your coverages updated and make sure you are covered in all ways you’re legally supposed to be.

If you have any questions about worker’s compensation insurance, exemptions, or general liability insurance for Florida contractors, we can help you. We can also help give you an insurance referral. If you’re looking to get a Florida contractor’s license, we can help you start the process today. We make the process easy and quick. We do all the heavy lifting for you! We know how to properly fill out forms and file to ensure your application will go through and not get denied. Contact us by clicking here or calling 239-777-1028.