Reasons to Work with a Florida Contractor Licensing Company 

 So you want to get your Florida contractor’s license? Congrats! You can either do the paperwork and filing by yourself or hire a contractor licensing company to do it for you. Sure, you’ll spend more money than if you did it yourself, but when you hire a professional contractor licensing you have a better chance of completing your license application correctly. Below, we wanted to share with you some reasons you should work with a company to get your Florida contractor’s license.  

  • There’s a lot of deadlines to remember for different parts of the paperwork. Our team of professionals knows all these deadlines by heart.  
  • We are professionals at putting the paperwork together for this licensure. We know what documents are needed and we know how to write the application so it can get approved.  
  • We work quickly and efficiently and get our contractors approved faster than if they were to do it themselves.  
  • We will let you know what information is needed and what you still need to do in order to receive a license.  
  • We know exactly where to send in the information, what format, and how long this application needs to be.  
  • We will let you know where and when you need to take a test if necessary.  
  • We are knowledgeable in the contractor license field and can answer all your questions.  
  • We can run a credit report for you (they are needed for licensure).  
  • We have an average 10-day turn around.  
  • We have helped thousands get their contractor’s license.  
  • We make the entire process simple and easy for anyone to understand.  

When you work with us, you’re getting your money’s worth. The key to our success is that we don’t simply fill out forms; We analyze your work history, using the information strategically, to build a winning application. Get started with us today! We also help contractors get their licenses in other states. We make getting your Florida contractor’s license, fast and easy. We are a Florida contractor licensing company. We will work with you every step of the way until you are licensed. To get started on the Florida contractor license process, click here or call us at 239-777-1028. 


How to get Your Electrical Contractor’s License in Florida 

Ever thought about a career as an electrician? You should! According to U.S. News World Report, electricians are the #3 job in construction right now. By 2026, there should be 60,100 new positions for electricians, which is a 9 percent job increase.  

What does an electrician’s job entail? Well, electricians know everything about lighting systems, including the installation of them. They know how to keep lights up to code and they know how to repair these systems as well. An electrician must complete at least 4 years of training as an apprentice and needs a license to practice in the state of Florida. Most states require a contractor’s license. Electricians work in homes, businesses, factories, and more.  There’s even subspecialties within the electrician field like those that work in iron or steel mills.  

Currently, the median salary for an electrician is $52,720. The unemployment rate currently for electricians is 4.4 percent.  

Training is critical for electricians. Just like most contracting jobs, this can be dangerous and requires knowledge and skill to avoid injury or even death. Some contractors attend technical school before going into an apprenticeship.  

To get your Florida contractor’s license, the following is required:  

  • Use the method of three (3) years of management experience in the trade of electrical within the last six (6) years immediately preceding the filing of the application. 
  • Use the method of four (4) years of experience as a foreman, supervisor or contractor in the trade within the last eight (8) years immediately preceding the filing of the application. 
  • Use the method of six (6) years of comprehensive training, technical education or supervisory experience associated with an electrical or alarm contracting business within the last twelve (12) years immediately preceding the filing of the application. 
  • The applicant must submit W-2s, K1s or Schedule Cs for all of the years of experience. 
  • Employment verifications (notarized letters) 
  • Possible job list of 5 jobs per year of experience. 
  • 40% of work with 3 phase services for the unlimited 
  • Personal financial statement showing positive net worth. 
  • Business financial statement showing net worth of $10,000 for unlimited. 
  • Business and personal credit report showing good credit. 
  • The qualifier is required to have financial and supervisory authority for the business you wish to qualify. 

If you’re looking to get your electrical license, we can help you get all the above work together to file for the license application. There is a lot of paperwork required, and as a Florida contracting licensing company, we know how to do this paperwork well, so you will get licensed fast and easy.  

If you’re ready to become a licensed Florida contractor, we can help your through the licensure process. When applying for a Florida electrical contractor’s license, give us all your information and we can do the work for you. As a Florida contractor licensing company, we have helped thousands of contractors Florida contractor’s license. To get started with us, click our Florida contractor license contact page or call 239-777-1028.  




Get Your Plumbing Contractor’s License 

Considering a career in plumbing? According to U.S. News World Report, plumbing is the top construction job at the moment. The median salary is $51,450; the unemployment rate is at 4.4 percent; and the number of jobs projected to increase by 2026 is 75,800.  

What does a job in plumbing entail? Plumbers plan where the pipes and fixtures should be in any structure. Plumbers install and connect piping and fixtures. They work with showers, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, dishwashers, water heaters and more. Plumbing isn’t just about fixing pipes, it’s about having great problem-solving skills. As long as we have pipes, plumbers will be needed.  

Compared to other construction jobs, plumbers job growth is faster than the average. With new buildings, comes new plumbing opportunities.  

To be a plumber, you need a four or five-year apprenticeship. You need a technical education and a certain number of hours of on-the-job training working with a licensed plumber. Technical education is usually around 246 hours, which includes applied physics and math. When it comes to training, you need to put in around 2,000 hours with a licensed plumber. Plumbers also need to complete safety training.  

To work in Florida, a plumber needs to be licensed; otherwise, you will be working illegally and can get in trouble with the state. For a Florida plumbing contractor license, you will need to have 4 years of experience (one year must be as a foreman) or a combination of college or military service and experience doing all of the areas below if you wish to negate the need for board review: 

  • Roof and Storm Drainage 
  • Sanitary Drainage 
  • Drainage Venting 
  • Waste Piping 
  • Water Distribution Systems 
  • Water Distribution Lines 
  • Backflow Prevention Devices 
  • Natural Gas and Liquid Petroleum Piping and Venting Systems 
  • Medical Gas (must have a Certification) 

If you’re ready to become a licensed Florida contractor, we can help your through the licensure process. When applying for a Florida plumbing contractor’s license, there’s a lot of paperwork and requirements. It can be confusing and stressful; there’s a lot of deadlines to remember. As a Florida contractor licensing company, we know the process like the back of our hand, because we’ve helped thousands of people get their Florida contractor’s license. To get started with us, click our Florida contractor license contact page or call 239-777-1028.  

Get Your Florida Business License  

 Looking to start up your own contracting business? You don’t only need a contractor’s licenses, you need a business licenses, as well. We are a Florida contracting licensing company, and we have packages to help our contractors start their own businesses.  

Our package is tailored specially to the construction industry. Here is what we do for you: : 

  • Research the desired company name for availability with the state 
  • Fill out Corporation or LLC forms and filing with the state’s Division of Corporations 
  • Acquire an EIN using SS4 form from the IRS 
  • Prepare a 2553 (S-corp) document 
  • Stock / Membership certificate(s) 
  • Sample Bylaws and Organizational Meeting Minutes 
  • Professionally organize corporate documents provided electronically 
  • Apply for your Workers Compensation exemption (Per person state fee is additional) 
  • Fill out your Local Business Tax/Occupational License form 
  • Fill out forms to Register your state license with the local municipalityBesides getting your business license, you need to plan your business strategy, business plan, think about loan programs and other financing options, make sure you’re getting all the proper licenses, get a construction bond, get familiar with construction regulations (safety, occupational health), look for labor, and look for online resources to help you.  

We can help you become a corporation or an LLC. You can apply for the licensure yourself, but there is lots of paperwork, deadlines, and guidelines that are easily to do incorrectly or miss. You don’t want to make a mistake or miss something. After all, this is important. We can have your new business formed, officially, in 2 to 3 days at a fraction of the cost. Our knowledge and expertise in the construction business licensing industry will save you time and money in the long run.  
Get started on beginning your dream business today. If you’re looking to get your Florida business  license, we can help you get through the  contractor license process fast. We are a Florida contractor licensing company. To get started on the process, click here or call us at 239-777-1028. 

General Contractor Vs. Construction Manager 

 Thinking about a job in the contractor field? There are so many specialties in the world of contracting and there are different levels of the job. For this article, we wanted to talk about general contractors versus construction managers.  


Both general contractors and construction managers are often viewed as the head contractor at a job; however, they are different jobs. They work differently with their organization, business relationships and how they run a project.  


A general contractor has his or her own employees, including foreman, at a job site. They also have subcontractors. General contractors also specialize in certain fields of construction. They work in commercial or residential areas. General contractors get new projects through bidding and are third parties in the construction process. The general contractor provides a price and builds the project according to the contract.  


A construction manager could either be an individual or a group of people. People who work with a construction aren’t regular employees. Construction managers help out during pre-construction, and oversee construction (hiring subcontractors). These managers usually work exclusively with owners. Managers work from a predetermined fee, they recommend adjustments to processes and materials, has more flexibility for changes, always has access to the owner 


Often, a general contractor can act as a construction manager for a certain owner. An owner may go with a GC over a CM for cost reasons. 


Do either of these positions sound good to you? In order to take on either of these positions you need years of experience, training and a contractor’s license. It’s illegal to be a contractor in most states, especially Florida.  


We are a Florida contractor licensing company and we will help you  get your Florida contractor’s license, fast and easy. We will do the work for you! We will work with you every step of the way until you are licensed. We know the deadlines and the requirements. To get started on the Florida contractor license process, click here or call us at 239-777-1028. 


Current Job Rankings for Contractors  

Plumber? Roofer? Electrician? Pool technician? General contractor? What kind of contractor should you be? Well, this answer depends on a lot of things. What are you interested in? how much manual labor do you like? What are you skilled at? How much work do you want to do? How much do you want to get paid? How many hours do you want to work? What’s the job outlook for this career? 

As you can see, there’s a lot of things to consider when choosing a job in contracting. For this article, we wanted to share some stats with you on the Best Job Rankings from U.S. News World Report. Their rankings state that the overall employment growth for construction jobs will be 11 percent or 758,400 new jobs by 2026. People will be needed to build new structures and update current buildings. They ranked the follow specialties as follows:  

  1. Plumber. 75,800 projected jobs. $51,450 median salary. 4.4% unemployment rate.  
  1. Construction manager. 46,100 projected jobs. $89,300 median salary. 2.7% unemployment rate. 
  1. Electrician. 60,100 projected jobs. $52,270 median salary. 4.4 percent unemployment rate. 
  1. Solar photovoltaic installer. 11,900 projected jobs. $39,240 median salary. 23.7 percent unemployment rate. 
  1. Carpenter. 87,000 projected jobs. $43,600 median salary. 7 percent unemployment rate. 
  1. Construction worker. 153,300 projected jobs. $33,430 median salary. 9.9 percent unemployment rate.  
  1. Painter. 23,400 projected jobs. $37,570 median salary. 8.5 percent unemployment rate.  
  1. Glazier. 5,300 projected jobs. $41,920 median salary. 6.9 percent unemployment rate.  
  1. Sheet metal worker. 12,000 projected jobs. $46,940 median salary. 5.1 percent unemployment rate.  
  1. Brickmason and blockmason. 9,700 projected jobs. $49,250 median salary. 7.1 percent unemployment rate.  

These stats may help you decide between a few specialties you’ve been interested in. If you’re looking to get your Florida contractor’s license, we can help you get through the contractor license process fast. How do you get your Florida contractor’s license? We can do it for you! We are a Florida contractor licensing company. To get started on the process, click here or call us at 239-777-1028. 




Become a Florida Construction Manager 

 Thinking about a career as a construction manager? Good thinking. According to U.S. News Report, construction managers are the #2 job in the construction industry right now. The Bureau of Labor Statistics believe by 2026 there will be 46,100 new construction manager jobs, which is an 11 percent increase. This is really good. The median salary for a construction manager is $89,300 and the unemployment rate is at 2.7 percent.  

What does a construction manager do? They obtain work permits, hire contractors, handle emergencies, manage job sites, talk to clients, keep track or progress and more. If you like to build and design things, this is the career for you. You get to work with architects, engineers, cost estimator, cand carpenters to plan a job.  

Usually before a person becomes a construction manager, they start out as a carpenter or a glazier. These days, many construction managers have experience and a bachelor’s degree in construction science, building science, construction engineering, architecture, or engineering. On the job training is learned through internships and working as an assistant under a licensed contractor. 

Many general contractors also go on to become construction managers. To get a general contractor’s license in the state of Florida, you need: 

  • 48 months on jobs with at least 12 months as a foreman. 


  • A combination of college and experience totaling at least 48 months with at least 12 of those months as a foreman. 

For the general contractor’s License only, you must show at least 1 year (12 full months) or more on habitable structures 4+ stories.  Show substantial responsibility in at least 4 of the following areas of commercial construction including active and proven experience with: 

  • Foundation/slabs greater than 20,000 sq. ft 
  • Masonry walls 
  • Steel erection 
  • Elevated slabs 
  • Precast concrete structures 
  • Column erection 
  • Form work for structural reinforced concrete 

If you’re ready to become a licensed Florida contractor or construction manager, we can help your through the licensure process. When applying for a Florida general contractor’s license, there’s a lot of deadlines and requirements. It can be confusing; there’s a lot to remember. As a Florida contractor licensing company, we know the process like the back of our hand; we’ve helped thousands of people get their Florida contractor’s license. To get started with us, click our Florida contractor license contact page or call 239-777-1028.