Electrical Contractor Shortage

When it comes to electricians, 85,900 professionals will be needed to fill electrician jobs by 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The need for electricians will continue to rise, says BLS, in the next 10 years due to wiring needs in residences and businesses, along with construction booming. However, there seems to be a shortage of electricians at the time to fill in all these needed positions. If you’re looking to become an electrical contractor, now is the time! In the next decade, the job outlook has it growing at 14%. Apparently, employers, according to BLS, are also having a hard time finding qualified employees, so this is a field where you can easily jump into, once you’ve completed the proper training and licensure.

What does an electrical contractor/electrician do exactly? Well, he or she maintains and installs electrical systems in homes, businesses, and other buildings. They look at blueprints, deal with repairs, work with other types of contractors in order to complete their part of the job. The average salary for this occupation is $51,880.

If you like problem solving, fast-paced work that allows you to work with your hands and meet a lot of new people, this is the career for you.

If you want to hire a good electrician, it’s a good idea, as a contractor, to offer individuals additional training and certification, so they see a career path for themselves. Since so many companies will be in demand of electricians, companies need to truly offer electrical contractors something that other companies will not (newest technology, better wages, flexible work hours, job advancement).  These approaches will help employees stick around longer and choose one company over the other hundreds looking to fill electrical contractor positions.

Looking to become an electrical contractor? Now is the time! Let us help you. Learn more here about getting an electrical contractor’s license.  It’s imperative that you get licensed. Unlicensed work is illegal in the state of Florida, and customers will have less trust in you. As a Florida contractor licensing company, we want to help you get your license in such a fast-growing field. We will do all the heavy-lifting of the application process for you. To get started on this process, click here or call 239-777-1028.






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  1. I like that you mention how the job outlook for electrical contractors has it growing at 14%, making it easy to find employment once you’ve completed the proper training and licensure. If you want to choose this job, you’d probably want to research and see what type of license you need as well as how often it needs to be renewed. This could ensure that you stay up to date and can continue your electrical work without any problems once you’re a contractor.

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