Steps to Get a Demolition Specialty Contractor License

Five years ago, the state of Florida created a new specialty license available for demolition contractors called “certified building demolition specialty contractor.”

Why was this type of license created?  This license became available, so people and businesses can demolish any residential or commercial structure under four stories tall. If a four-story or taller structure is in the project, the license holder must hold a valid certified general contractor license. For a more technical definition, “this license has been added so that individuals and businesses who work solely with the execution of contracts requiring the experience, financial means, knowledge, and skill to demolish, if not prohibited by law, steel tanks 50 feet or less in height; towers 50 feet or less in height; other structures 50 feet or less in height, other than buildings or residences over three stories tall; and buildings or residences three stories or less in height. Nothing in this rule shall be deemed to restrict or limit in any manner the scope of work authorized by law of other contractor classifications.”

To get a demolition specialty contractor license, you need to pass the state certification exam, and you must get your license within four years of getting your exam score. Also, for this license, you need to have four years of experience or a combination of college credits and experience. All demolition specialty contractor license candidates go through a background check that includes fingerprinting.

For this type of license, you need public liability and property damage insurance. You also need to obtain workers compensation insurance within 30 days of getting your license.

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