Target the right customers for your Contractor Business

If you have your own contracting business, getting new customers is your livelihood. However, you want to promote yourself to the RIGHT customers. Otherwise, if you just promote to the masses, it can cost you. Spending time and money on resources that are going out to people who would never hire you. Don’t let the wrong customers take you away from the right customers. Your customer is someone who fits your business, the geography you work in, the price point your service at. You don’t want your promotions to go to people thousands of miles away who can’t afford your work, right? Right!


  • Recognize who your best customer is
  • Define your customer. Who do you love to do business with? List the traits that you think would or do define your best customer. Personality. Budgets. Geography. Project size. Type of construction.
  • Once you see who your customer is, you can go after them more clearly.
  • Use past years’ date and info to help you to also define your customer. See if your preferred customers bring you more profit.

Once you define and recognize your ideal customer, you can focus your attention on strategically marketing to that person. This person will guide your advertising and marketing efforts in person and on the web. You will realize what referrals are worth going after or know what types of customers will be a waste of time. With a target audience in mind, you will save time and money on marketing efforts and will continue to see more visibility and attention to your brand and business.


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Promote Contracting Business with Email Newsletters

Looking for another way to promote your contracting business? How about an email newsletter? Sure, email newsletters can be annoying, but that’s only when they are not created or sent correctly. No one really wants daily newsletters from the same company. Some companies even go overboard sending multiple emails a day. This is enough to aggravate a person for them to remove themselves from your email list entirely. We wanted to share with you ways to use construction email newsletter that won’t annoy your audience.
• Be strategic in your approach.
• Make your email content relevant. Low quality emails can hurt you and increase the numbers of be unsubscribing.
• How often you send an email out will depend on your business, your customers, and your service.
• Your email will depend whether your target is a former customer or potential customer. A couple times a month for a former customer is good, as long as your information is useful. For a potential customer, you could double that frequency.
• Emails help keep your name in front of any and all customers, especially former customers who can give your more business or new clients.
• People will learn about your knowledge and expertise through your email and turn to you when they need help.
• Your emails need to provide value and offer people something. For example: home improvement tips, home trends, new products, etc.
• Make your newsletter 90 percent informative and 10 percent promotional.
• Make your newsletter intriguing. Catch your audience with a fun interesting title or visuals. Link to quality blogs or articles. Avoid using spammy words like FREE or CLICK HERE in the subject line.
• When you get a subscriber, let them know (on average) how often you will be emailing them so they will be aware. You can also provide an option for them to choose how often they get an email (which they may prefer).


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New Technology to Make a Work Site Safe

We’re on the brink of having a society filled with robots. Think of recent developments: drones, roombas. Companies and consumers are turning to robotic technologies to make their lives easier. Now, robots can potentially help with construction site security. Security is key at a construction site. Why? Often, things get stolen from these sites, so it’s essential to think ahead and plan security measures to keep your site and equipment safe.

  • Virtual guards are a new technology that can replace a physical security guard. A virtual guard is a camera system, which means it can see and track more than a human. It also never leaves its post or gets distracted. Camera are set up around the perimeter of the site. The system does a walk through of the site on a schedule just like a regular guard would. The virtual guard also can have a panic button for workers to use if an emergency occurs on site when no one else is around. The panic button will contact authorities. Click here to learn more about this virtual guard.
  • Drones are starting to be used in construction sites. They can sense body heat at night and determine if there is a trespasser. They can fly around and search the entire property faster than a human can.
  • Robot security guards by Knightscope are 300 pounds and use to scare off trespassers. They move around quickly and chase away intruders and record everything. They haven’t been used in construction sites yet, but will be in the future.

These robotic options can make a work site safer, and also are most cost effective in the long run. If you are in charge of construction sites, you may want to consider using these new technological advances in security.


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It’s Easy Being Green

Being “green” isn’t a trend or fad, it’s the way of the future, and even the present! More companies are turning to greener methods and are learning how to be profitable while making greener decisions.  Not every green decision a company makes has to be out in the open or sellable to clients. If you are in the construction world, we wanted to share with you some ways you can be greener in this new year and the years to come.


  • Try to find ways to recycle waste at your job sites. If you can’t recycle something, see if you can reuse it somewhere else.
  • Find ways to reduce the amount of waste you produce at the construction site.
  • With mobile apps on phones and tablets, you can begin to reduce your use of paper. Everything you need can be on a portable screen! Plus you can’t easily toss away a computer like you can a piece of paper.
  • Find ways to reduce gasoline and diesel fuel.
  • Research green products and supplies. See what is reviewed to be good.
  • Communicate through email and web conferences when you can instead of driving and wasting gas.
  • Ask employees to turn off electrical or mechanical devices when not being in use to save energy. Or, install timers so things will automatically shut off if not used after a certain amount of time.
  • Look to see what your competitors are doing to be green.
  • Ask your clients and suppliers if they have any green suggestions for you to adopt.
  • Don’t participate just for the profitability. If you really are pro-green, then it’s a great way to be profitable. If you’re not into a lot of greener options, don’t do it just to please people, they will see right through you. Choose green for the right reasons.


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How to Better Communicate With Construction Clients


If you want your business to grow, it’s a good idea to improve your communication with your clients. If there is a divide between you and your clients, nothing will get done and there’s a chance your client won’t speak highly of you or the work you and your team product.
We wanted to share tips to help you improve your client communication and relationship so you’re m ore profitable.


  • Have the client have one point of contact at your company. He or she will get confused if they have to talk to too many people. For any question or concern, there is 1 person they can turn to that will handle it and respond to them at any time.
  • Don’t use fancy construction jargon with your clients. Do you want your doctor talking in strange medical terms? No, you want him or her to be relatable. They know you’re an expert but they also want to know what you’re saying. If they can understand you, they will have confidence in you.
  • Always show and prove your dependability.
  • Show clients past projects you’ve worked on even give them the names of past clients for them to contact.
  • Be readily available for your client.
  • Use the latest tools and technologies with your clients so they know you value new ways of doing construction.
  • Show them before and after pictures of other similar projects so they will understand the scale of the project.
  • Use apps to help explain or show work better.
  • Constantly update your client through the construction progress. This helps build and maintain trust. Learn how much your clients wants to be updated.
  • Stick to a schedule as best as possible but tell clients immediately if it changes and why.



Not only is it important to communicate effectively with clients, it’s also essential that you are a licensed contractor who only hires other licensed contractors. When you’re licensed, a client will trust you infinitely more. Besides when you’re licensed, there is also less change of legal issues, because you are license and insured.


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Contractor Tools, Products Worth Buying

A doctor has a stethoscope. A teacher has books. A policeman has a gun. A contractor has…tools!  What is a contractor without his tools? Being a contractor means you work with your hands. Most jobs are entirely hands on. Whether you’re building a home of fixing a sink, you need tools to help you complete the task at hand.

Some contractors have plenty of their own tools, while other’s use what their company owns. Either way, you want to know what the latest and best tools are out on the market. You want your company to be utilizing the best tools, so you can get the job done fast and more efficiently.

For this article, we found some great tools out there that you’ll want to get your hands on!

Pliers Wrench – This product is made by Knipex. This tool is handy because it is a pair of pliers and a wrench all in one. It has smooth jaws and a 10-to-1 lever ratio.

MSHC Hex Driver – This tool is made by Malco Tools. It has a duel hex socket, and an easily accessible magnet.

Triton Plastic Pipe Joining System – This product is designed to be used for fusion welding plastic pipe. It uses radio frequency electromagnetic technology to improve pipe joining and testing times. There is no long set up with this product.

Blue Monster Drain Opener – This product is made by KGH. It works to eliminate hair, soap, oils, and grease from drains. It works in under a minute. It is hot-water activated and only for us for professional contractors. It doesn’t harm plumbing fixtures, porcelain or septic systems.

Make sure to come back to our blog for more articles on tools and different products. We love sharing with our contractor community!

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Construction Jobs Continue to Rise

Good news for you contractors! Employment in the construction field is continuing a steady growth, which means more job security for you! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at the end of 2017, they revealed continued job growth in the United States with the unemployment rate at 4.1%. Ten percent of the jobs added were in the construction industry; there were 228,000 jobs added in the entire economy.

Construction Employers of America were happy with these statistics showing how valuable and important the construction trade is. Most of all November 2017’s job growth happened in the specialty trade construction sector, which shows that America still needs and values highly-skilled labor.

In November, employment in the construction field was up 24,000 jobs and 22,600 of them were specialty trade jobs. Of this numbers, 12,000 jobs were added in non-residential specialty construction and 10,700 were added in residential specialty construction.

It is believed specialty trader construction is growing because of the extensive and high-quality job training and apprenticeship programs, also customers have projects that are becoming larger and more complex.

Thinking about getting a job in the construction field? Now is the time. As you can see from above, the market is growing. After completely your training and exams, you will be able to find jobs in this field across the country. Never practice without a license. In most states, unlicensed contractor work is illegal. Plus, many people will not hire you if you are not licensed, because they assume you will not deliver a quality product.

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