Preparing for the Contractors Exam

contractors examJust like many other professions, contractors have to prepare and take a contractor’s license exam. In Florida, a contractor must pass this exam in order to be a licensed general contractor. In Florida, a certified contractor is a contractor who has a certificate of competency issued by the.


In Florida, a licensed certified contractor applicant has to have a passing score on all the parts of the Florida DBPR/BET qualifying examination, be at least 18 years old, meet educational and experience requirements, pay all applicable fees, obtain work’s compensation coverage, demonstrate financial responsibility, and have good moral character. Test takers need to review the license categories before registering for an examination. People must take the proper tests to make them eligible for their license. Most exams are open book. In Florida, the test is around $215, which includes all fees.


There are a few ways a person can prepare for the exam, which can depend on a person’s learning style and what’s available around him. Many people like to study on their own. For these individuals, books and reference materials suggested by the state are great resources for studying. The PSI Online Bookstore and are third-party booksellers of contracting-based books. There are also several organizations online that offer web-based practice exams and courses for people to take. Organizations like Dewalt and PSI Learning Academy offer practice exams. Some home-study based courses in Florida include Cam Tech School and Gold Coast Schools.


For those who need a classroom setting, there are schools across the country that offer courses and tutoring for specific exams and education courses. Some schools and bookstores in Florida include: AES,, Sane Fe College, Gulf Coast School of Construction, KCC Estimating & Construction Services, Inc., Florida International University, Contractor’s Library in Hudson, and more.


There are many ways a person can prepare for the contractor’s exam. It is up to the individual person to decide which method is best for them in order to pass. Once you pass the test, if you are looking to apply for your Florida contractor’s, the team here can help make the process easier and faster. Call us at 239-777-1028 to help you get your license as soon as possible.




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