Think About Starting Your Own Contractor Blog

What comes to mind when you think of a contractor? Hard hats? Hammers? Utility belts? Construction sites? Heavy machinery? Ladders? How about a blog? Yup, that’s right – a blog. In this day and age, it can be very beneficial for a contractor to have a blog (only if you have the time for it though). Your workload and projects come before crafting articles for the internet.


Why a blog? Well, a blog can help a contractor get new business. By blogging regularly, over time, the blog can help generate business, and you won’t have to spend as much money in marketing your company in other ways.


What should your write about? Well, you can write, or you can vlog (video blog), or do both. Blog whatever way you feel comfortable with that you think will truly engage readers and bring in potential clients.


As a contractor, what should a blog discuss? Here are some ideas: answer frequently asked questions; describe your company; introduce team members; create a DIY or how-to video or tutorial; do product reviews; take video at a job site; share before/after photos.


Show in your blog posts or videos that you’re an expert in all things contracting. You want people to turn to you or think of you when they need to get a job done. Even if your blog is read from people far away, you’ll still gain visibility and popularity which will give your credibility with the search engines.


A blog can make you seem human and personal to viewers. People will want to work with you if they like what they read or see. This is your chance to let your personality and skills shines.


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