Contractor Products, Tools, and Gadgets

contractor productsThere are a million tools, products, and gadgets out there for contractors to use! Some are more practical than others, but they can all enhance a contractor’s job performance by aiding him or her in whatever they need to be doing on the job.

Below we share some products that are new this year that can really help bring your contractor game to the next level.


Cat phone – Cat phone and Note Vault teamed up for a promotion that works great for a contractor’s business and lifestyle.  The promotion: buy a Cat smartphone and get four months of a NoteVault Pro Account free. Cat phones are strong and durable phones – great for job sites. They can withstand more than the average phone. The NoteVault is a cloud and mobile technology created for construction and infrastructure project teams. This is a live reporting system that allows contracting teams to communicate and collaborate on any project to keep people on track and on budget. People can see changes and details on a project in real time so projects get managed more efficiently. This promo is their way of combining the “brains” and “brawn” so contractors have an ideal tool at their fingertips.


Urban Armour Case – On many jobs, a contractor will need to bring his or her laptop to a site. Computers are fragile, and job sites are full of many hazards. Accidents can happen. These cases are form fitting and are a hard shell with impact-absorbing corners. For even more protection, there is a dual lock screen closure that secures the display in the shut position while the computer is being moved.


POWERSTATION 247 – This is a solar energy usage and storage system with built-in battery storage. It’s good for large and small projects for homeowners and business owners. This system delivers clean, renewable energy to a building or house. It helps the user not to be dependent on traditional energy supplies, which is a more efficient use of energy and an alternative source of electricity. It comes in different sizes and is easy to install and use.


Other notable products: VisionPro thermostat, Sandvik DS2710 drill, PayPanther, DeWalt heated jackets, VitroGlaze and Jotashield Extreme.


Having the best new products is great, especially if you want to step it up a notch over other contractor, If you’re currently looking to apply or renew your Florida contractor’s license or need help forming your business, contact the team here or call 239-777-1028. We can help make the process easy and fast.