Contractor Products to Add To Your Wishlist Part 2

A contractor needs to be in with the new. Whether it’s the latest trend or technique, he or she has to be well versed in the present and future of contracting. If there is a better and more efficient way to do something, you’ve got to know it! Otherwise, you and your business will fall behind and other contractors will be picked over you for certain jobs. Although certain practices, products and regulations will never go out of style, there are plenty of ways to enhance the field of contracting. With more education and technology in the world, the more advance our work, our techniques, our safety, our products, and our environments can be.

As a Florida contractor licensing company, we take pride in sharing new information with our clients and the contractor community. For this article, we wanted to share a few new products on the market that can benefit a variety of different specialties within the field on contracting. We have shared new products with you before, but there are so many released every year! We want you to know about as many as possible.

Here are a few new tools that you may be interested in investing, especially if you are in the plumbing field of contracting.

Milwaukee: M12 Drain Snake Kit – For plumbing contractors, this tool will help you with tough jobs. It works on jobs through 2-1/2” drain lines. This device weighs 10 pounds, and is the lightest drainage cleaner tool out there. It is powered by a Redlithium battery pack.

Rothenberger Robend 4000 Bending Tool – This tool is powered to bend pipes up to 1 3/8 inches. There is little friction with this tool. When the bent angle is complete, the machine shuts off. It’s strong enough to bend stainless steel.

Ridgid MR-10 Magnetic Locator – This device can find buried iron and steel objects, and it can do it fast. It’s far superior to a regular metal detector, and it gives the user a more accurate reading. It looks specifically for iron and not aluminum or copper.  It can help contractors find septic tanks, drainage grates, studs, pipes, valve boxes, and more. It can find objects up to 10 feet deep in the ground.

A few other new products:  DeWalt Press Tool DCE200, Milwaukee The Cheater™, DeWalt Threaded Rod Cutter DCS350.

It’s always important to be in the know about the latest and greatest gadgets. Some of these tools can truly benefit you.

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Contractor Products to Put on Your Wish List

As a contractor, you have to stay on top of things in your field. Whether there’s a new regulation or way to do something, you should know it and implement it. The world is moving at a fast pace these days; people want the newest and best of everything. So whether you’re working on a home, an office building, or even a bridge, you want to be equipped with the latest and best information, products, and methods. One way to stay on top of things in the contracting world is to be aware (and invest in) the best products in the field. Quality tools and equipment will make your job easier in more ways than one.

As a Florida contractor licensing company, we wanted to share with you a few of the latest products out in the field for you to purchase on your own or for your place of employment.

Winbag – If you’re a residential or commercial contractor, you probably do your share of installing a lot of windows. This is no easy task. Measurements needs to be price. Windows are heavy. Well, winbag can help. It is an inflatable shim that fills gaps from 3/32 inches to 2 inches. It can make windows level, and it even works on doors and cabinets. It is a fiber-reinforced material made with rubber. With this device, you no longer have to use wooden shims or plastic wedges. It can lift up to 300 pounds.  You can purchase this device on Amazon.

SnapPower Charger – This USB charger provides a 1-AMP USB port to any wall outlet. It installs easily over any wall outlet.

Paint Shield – Paint Shield is a microbicidal pain from Sherwin-Williams that kills 99.9% of deadly organisms. It can kill staph, MRSA, and E.coli within two hours of exposure on a painted surface. This paint is great for schools, hospitals, public facilities, and even a home. It’s available in more than 550 colors.

These three products are just a few of the great new, innovative ideas that are being produced to help contractors’ jobs easier and more efficient. You can work better, or offer better quality products to your clients.

Come back to our blog often to read about even more cool and new products.

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Contractor Products Worth Checking Out Part 2

We live in a high-tech world; people need answers fast and are working more efficiently than ever due to new and improved technological advancements. We wanted to share with our contracting community some new and useful construction products that are currently on the market.

CYBERWATCH SAT – this is a satellite, wireless alarm and location meter, specifically designed for remote locations. In a remote location, a contractor can connect his or her phone to the device mounted on a piece of equipment. With this device, a person can send an email or text.

New Book – “A Guide to Building Natural Swimming Pools” by Schiffer Publishing covers management, excavation, lining, walling, plumbing, electrical. Planting, structure, maintenance and more.

ThermalTech – This company has released a solar-powered smart fabric. It is made from stainless steel yarn, is lightweight, and keeps the body warm even at night. This fabric is not bulky and more fashionable looking.

Starlock Multi-Tool System – This system gives a person a quick-change blades with a color code system so a person chooses the correct blade for the job at hand.

Paperlight – PaperLight is a projection display that is touch enabled; it connects to a computer so a person can view and share full-size drawings digitally.

Live streaming – TrueLook, which produces camera systems for construction project monitoring and time-lapsing, now offer a live-streaming option. Employers and managers can watch a live stream of any job site through a web app.

MyServiceWhale – This is a widget that business owners and contractors can install on their websites to give potential clients accurate quotes.

Liquid Nanotint – This product can reduce radiant and conductive heat from windows, making them more energy efficient. You can paint this product on.

New technologies in the contracting business is exciting, but only if you’re a licensed contractor! Otherwise, it’s illegal for you to be working a job. If you’re interested in becoming a contractor, you’ll want to get your Florida contractor’s license. We are a contractor licensing company. We also help people get their Georgia contractor’s license. To get started on the licensing process, click here or call 239-777-1028.

Contractor Products Worth Checking Out

If you’re a construction contractor, you want to be on top of the latest construction products on the market. New products can help you do work faster, more efficiently, and have clients know you’re on top of the latest and greatest thing in the field. New products show that you’re a forward thinker. Below, we wanted to share some new construction products out there that you may be interested in purchasing for your contracting business.

Cat and NoteVault – Cat and Notevault came together to increase productivity by combining smartphones and technology. All purchases of Cat smartphones will come with 4 months of a Notevault account for free.

Airhome – Airhome is an in-room audio feature for a client’s home or commercial building. Airhome is a multi-room, built-in home audio system that operates on Wi-Fi. This can work with in-wall or in-ceiling speaker so the home will not have a cluttered effect with boxy speakers laying around or wires everywhere.

Houdini glass – Bendheim Wall Systems is offering this specialty architectural glass; it allows both privacy and daylight. It is translucent, u-shaped, and machine rolled.

Surface armor – Urban Armor has created a case that protects devices while being slim, form-fitting and hard and protective all at the same time.

Concept – Concept by US is a Powerstation, This is a new turnkey, solar energy storage system that gives steady, reliable energy to off-grid people in daylight and nighttime.

Scala – Scala Architectural and Engineering Scale is a new app that gives a new way to measure printed drawings anywhere. It includes standard imperial architectural, metric architectural and engineering scales.

Qvarn – Qvarn offers open source identity management software that helps an organization manage a secure database of workers’ data; this system helps protect personal and private identification of the workers.

The contracting industry is constantly improving with new technology. If you are looking to get your Florida contractor’s license and are looking to get into this industry, contact us today and let us help you. We are a contractor licensing company in Florida. Click here or call 239-777-1028 to contact us today.


Contractor Products, Tools, and Gadgets

contractor productsThere are a million tools, products, and gadgets out there for contractors to use! Some are more practical than others, but they can all enhance a contractor’s job performance by aiding him or her in whatever they need to be doing on the job.

Below we share some products that are new this year that can really help bring your contractor game to the next level.


Cat phone – Cat phone and Note Vault teamed up for a promotion that works great for a contractor’s business and lifestyle.  The promotion: buy a Cat smartphone and get four months of a NoteVault Pro Account free. Cat phones are strong and durable phones – great for job sites. They can withstand more than the average phone. The NoteVault is a cloud and mobile technology created for construction and infrastructure project teams. This is a live reporting system that allows contracting teams to communicate and collaborate on any project to keep people on track and on budget. People can see changes and details on a project in real time so projects get managed more efficiently. This promo is their way of combining the “brains” and “brawn” so contractors have an ideal tool at their fingertips.


Urban Armour Case – On many jobs, a contractor will need to bring his or her laptop to a site. Computers are fragile, and job sites are full of many hazards. Accidents can happen. These cases are form fitting and are a hard shell with impact-absorbing corners. For even more protection, there is a dual lock screen closure that secures the display in the shut position while the computer is being moved.


POWERSTATION 247 – This is a solar energy usage and storage system with built-in battery storage. It’s good for large and small projects for homeowners and business owners. This system delivers clean, renewable energy to a building or house. It helps the user not to be dependent on traditional energy supplies, which is a more efficient use of energy and an alternative source of electricity. It comes in different sizes and is easy to install and use.


Other notable products: VisionPro thermostat, Sandvik DS2710 drill, PayPanther, DeWalt heated jackets, VitroGlaze and Jotashield Extreme.


Having the best new products is great, especially if you want to step it up a notch over other contractor, If you’re currently looking to apply or renew your Florida contractor’s license or need help forming your business, contact the team here or call 239-777-1028. We can help make the process easy and fast.