Renewing a Florida Contracting License


Pretty much all states have their own rules and regulations surrounding how one legally operates as a contractor within their state. Florida is, of course, no different. To legally work within the state of Florida as a residential or independent contractor, you are required to be licensed by the state. Basically, what this entails is that you provide certain proof of skills and other requirements, and then take a couple of tests related to your field.


Most people know that they need a license to operate in Florida, but many are less sure about what goes into renewing your license, which is something you will need to do every two years to remain in good legal standing. If all your information with the state of Florida is up to date, you should receive a renewal notice in the mail about a month before your license is set to expire.


This is incredibly helpful as, two years in, you are likely amid working on a variety of projects that are at different levels of progress. When you receive your renewal notice, you are going to be prompted to double check all your information such as address, phone number, email address, etc. It might not seem like a big deal, but failing to make sure that all your information is up to date can lead to delays in getting your license renewed, so it is imperative that you look this information over and update anything necessary.


You will also be asked to supply a few other pieces of information to renew your license, as well. You will need to show proof of continuing education and training. You may also be asked to provide current proof of insurance and perhaps a few smaller pieces of information. Be sure to look over your renewal documents carefully to ensure that you have included all required information. Certain counties may require slightly different types of documentation.


While it is a hassle, it is important to be ready and prepared when your two-year contracting license renewal information comes in the mail, it is important to gather all the pertinent information, as this will make it a lot easier to get your renewal through and approved without any delay. The paperwork you receive about your renewal will tell you all the pieces of information you will need to provide to approve your renewal. Having all your proverbial ducks in a row helps to make this a simple and smooth process.


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How to Renew a Contractor License

Do you currently have a Florida contractor’s license? Is it up for renewal? If you’re unsure of how to renew your contractor’s license, we can help you through the process. We will take you through the steps needed to renew your license correctly.


When renewing your contractor’s license, there is two parts. First, you have to pay a renewal fee; then, you have to complete continuing education (CEU) courses.


If you are a registered contractor in the state of Florida, you are likely registered online with the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR). Click here to access the DBPR’s website. Log into your account. If you do not have an account set up yet, click here for a tutorial on how to create your account and how to link your contractor license to the account.  In this site, you can upload necessary documents and paperwork, check your application status, renew your license, make payments, update contact information view classes information, and more.


Once you’re logged into the site, these are the steps for contractor license renewal:

  1. Click on the contractor license you want to renew. The list to choose from is on the right.
  2. Select “Renew”
  3. A disclaimer screen will pop up explaining CEU information. After you read it, click “Next.”
  4. A screen with your name, birthday and SSN will pop up. Click “Next.”
  5. A screen with your main address will pop up. If you need to change your address, click the “Main Address” button. If you’d like to add an additional address or add a new phone number, click “Add.”
  6. Click “Next” when done with address information.
  7. A summary page will pop up to conform any change mads. It will provide the information about to be saved into the system. Read this page. If the information is correct, click “Next.” If there is an error, click “Previous” to make changes.
  8. Complete the Attest Statement by selecting “Yes,” followed by “Submit.”
  9. A payment screen will pop up showing the renewal price. Click “Pay Now” to complete the transaction or click “Submit Additional Applications” if you have more than one license that needs renewal. You can pay either by credit card or electronic check.
  10. After you enter in your payment information, your card will be processed, and a confirmation number will be provided for you.


License Renewal Parts


Paying Renewal Fees – Check the DBPR site for the current 2017 renewal fees for certified and registered contractors. There is also info about unlicensed activity fees.


CEU Requirement –  In, Florida, contractors must complete 14 hours of board-approved CEU hours for each two-year renewal cycle. Courses can be taken online or in a classroom This includes:  workplace safety, worker’s compensation, business practices, Florida laws, false alarms, and Florida Building Code. The remaining seven hours go to courses reflecting your specific trade in the contractor work whether it’s plumbing or electrical or any other specialty you’re in.


Need Help with Your Florida Contractor License Renewal?

If you need help with the contractor license renewal process or need help finding CEU courses, we can help you. We are a Florida contractor licensing company. To start the process today, contact us at 239-777-1028 or click here to learn more.