Information About Construction Worker Resumes

With the ever-changing workplace, labor shortage, technology changes, diversity changes, these factors are affecting resumes in all industries.

There is currently a labor shortage in the construction industry. Skilled workers are in high demand at all levels. On a resume, the objective and skills section should reflect the candidate’s expectations and abilities so an employer will know whether current openings are a good fir or not for their skills and career goals.

When applying for a new job, a person should display value-added characteristics and experiences on their resumes without citing direct salary information. When talking about salary, candidates and hiring managers should talk about target salaries rather than salary histories.

A resume has about six seconds to make an impression on a hiring manager. To make your resume stand out, focus on projects completed rather than day-to-day duties, so you can show what makes you different from other similar candidates. Tie in out-of-industry skills to a construction firm’s needs.

As the world and industry changes, a construction resume will change with it.

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