Want to be a Mechanical Contractor?

There are many types of contractors. Contractors can do so much more than electrical work or painting. There are plumbers, roofers, HVAC technicians, solar contractors, and more. For this article, we wanted to talk about mechanical contractors. We hope this article teaches you a little more about this particular contractor specialty and maybe it will interest you as a career path.

A mechanical contractor is a type of engineer. He/she takes existing systems and redesigns them so they work better. Mechanical contractors can be found in many industries such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, food processing, NASA, and more.

Mechanical contractors design, manufacture and handle the operation of certain components or devices that are generated by mechanical engineers.

A mechanical contractor needs a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering technology. This type of contractor must take practical and written exams and get the right license to work legally. Many companies will offer job training and apprenticeships.

To be a mechanical contractor, you need to be skilled in advanced mathematics, and mechanical skills. Problem-solving, listening, communication, and creativity are also key for this specialty.

A mechanical contractor must past the Fundamentals of Engineering test and Professional Engineering test. He/she will also need on-the-job experience through a school contractor or apprenticeship.

When you’re ready to apply for a job, you can find work in aircraft mechanics, sheet metal mechanics, or structural mechanics.

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