How to Get Your Team to Adopt a New Construction Management Tool

Construction companies are evolving and improving each year. One way to take your construction company to the next level is with a construction management tool. With this tool, you can speed up and even eliminate redundant processes. Although this took is very beneficial, you will likely receive pushback from employees who are hesitant to learn something new and change their process.

We wanted to share some tips when introducing a new construction management tool with your team that will make them actually want to adopt the new ways of working. Convincing your employees may not be easy and there will likely be resistance.

  • Choose the right tool for your company. Pick one that meets your company’s needs. This tool should do more than your old tools while lowering costs. Identify how this new tool can fit into current processes.
  • Use managers and key employees as change ambassadors. Top workers, senior leadership, management, and other influencers in the business should be the first to learn and use the tool. These are the people who should promote and train the rest of the team on the benefits of the new tool and how to use it.
  • Create an introduction and training plan of the new tool – this eases the transition. Be clear and open. Answer all questions and make sure everyone understands what’s going on.
  • Be open to feedback. Give employees the opportunity to provide all kinds of feedback. If there are a lot of shortcomings with the tool, you may need to switch to another tool or find work arounds.

Even if your employees may not see it at first, a new tool can be very good for your business. In time, everyone will be on board.

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