Construction Tech to Look Out for in 2020

When it comes to technological advancements, the construction industry is an exciting field to be in if you want to work with and experience new technology. Compared to other industries, construction has been slow to adapt and get new technological transformations, but it does need it. More companies are creating technological advances for this industry.

Here are some tech advances to look out for in the construction industry in 2020:

  • Project management tools – These tools like LetsBuild provide a construction team with one central system to manage all forms of communication. All types of project management tools can keep track of the progress of the project and any problems.
  • Drones – These are a fast and cost-effective way to get an aerial view of a construction site and can carry out accurate surveys and mapping a site. This work can be done in minutes instead of weeks. The DJI Matrice 600 Pro can reach heights of 4500m. Skycatch’s drone software can capture photorealistic 3D models, topographic maps, BIMs, and 4K videos of a site.
  • Augmented reality – This is used by designers to put together 3D versions of their blueprints. This helps give designers a better idea of how the final project will look. Contractors can also wear an AR headset like Microsoft’s HoloLens and see precise details of where to place objects or materials. This technology can also help train staff.
  • Exoskeleton suits – These are wearable suits to help people walk with and lift heavy objects with little effort to reduce muscle force by 60%. The Guardian XO Max is coming out in 2020.
  • 3D printing – 3D printing can be used to create precise objects and parts in a fraction of the time that a human could.
  • Self-healing concrete – This concrete repairs its own cracks and holes.
  • Solar roof tiles – These are roof tiles that are highly durable and have photovoltaic cells to produce solar energy.
  • Robotics – Robotics exist already such as autonomous bricklayers, dump trucks, and earthmovers, but they will become more popular.


What’s your favorite construction technology trend?


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